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    PiardiHome since 1959

    PiardiHome has always been serving good cooking. Valuable materials and a great passion are the strong points of this solid family run business.

Piardinox, historical company since 1959, from grandfather to father and now to children, Andrea and Moira.
Piardinox satisfies all the needs in the kitchen offering a wide range of products made of aluminum with high quality non stick finishing.
Piardinox has been improving its lines and products thanks to constant investments in quality and innovation.
Aluminum is molded using advanced technology to make innovative, functional, ergonomic and beautifully designed cooking tools.
With Piardinox it is easy to find the pots that suit your needs and tastes.
Piardinox has been proud to produce in Italy for a long time and it will continue in the future. Piardinox can afford a production of more than 35 thousand items a day to be distributed all over the world.

Azienda Piardinox
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability

    PiardiHome has always been investing on research to improve the quality of its own products. Goals such as a good quality of life, innovation towards the preservation of the environment are the foundations of our firm that is seriously involved in the reduction of the levels of pollution.