What to do when you have just bought a PiardiHome item?

Wash the pan with warm water before using it, put a small amount of oil on the internal surface of the pan.

Usage advice

For cooking without fat, cook under a low flame, use a wooden or plastic spatula to prevent scratching.

Proper washing

Wash the pan with hot water, clean it with a towel, you can put it in the dish washer.

PiardiHome product maintenance

Not to damage the non stick cladding, don't cut food inside the pan, don't use metallic brushes, abrasive powder, don't overheat it.

Why aluminum?

Because it is an excellent heat conductor, three times more than cast iron, nine times more than stainless steel, five times more than iron. It reaches a high temperature in a very short time, thanks to its conductivity it is able to spread its heat uniformly for an homogeneous cooking.